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A snippet of feedback from many satisfied customers from some of the motorcycle forums and E-mails-feel free to check them out yourself.


Received my order for Kevlar Jeans, summer jackets and summer kevlar gloves and thought your products and service required a response. The processing and mail out of the order was very efficient and the goods arrived about 3 days sooner than orders from the eastern states! The quality and finish of all products are excellent, fitment is spot on and I / we are sure they will provide many years of good service. Haven't tried them out as armour (yet) but the protection is in all the right places, good quality and I will certainly put my trust in it.

Nice to know there are still suppliers out there with quality goods and service. Larry B. South Australia


i just came off at over 60kph (some 17 year old pulled out in front). The bike is a stat write off. I have a bruise. If i could post photos of my jacket gloves and pants, you have to look hard to see much damage at all. Without that gear i would be paste on the road. Wicked Gear road tested by me and gets 2 thumbs up!

Dave T




I just wanted to add this.

This is the toughest jacket I have every had. I have been through a few and without giving to much away the wicked gear jacket has saved me twice. It now only looks a little rough with a couple of grazes and broken zipper.

Maybe some cover for the zipper pocket but still a really tough jacket. Two good stunts and not a tear or stitch out of place, back and should pads are great.

Lids off to you guys.




  • Recently I was involved in a motorbike v car accident (I was on the bike), and was fortunate enough to have been wearing full safety gear including Kevlar Jeans purchased from Wicked Gear. Although I have many broken bones from being run over, I didn't suffer any gravel rash or scared tissue adding to my already severe injuries. I thoroughly recommend to any rider they invest in a pair of these jeans, maximum safely with style at the right price, thanks guys ! Adrian
  • Hi
    I bought this air mesh jacket from you a while a go and I just wanted to say how pleased I am with it. Last night in the rain I came off my bike and slid along the gravel, but my upper body felt nothing of the impact and the jacket doesn't even have a loose thread or a small tear.

    I hope you appreciate the feedback.



on a side note, for the bikers out there; no affiliation, just a happy customer....

I have this this have just ordered this

fast service, cheap prices, quality construction. Aussie owned (if you can consider the WaitAwhile state to be truly Aussie   )

Warmth? mon to thurs I ride Eliz to Pooraka to get to work for a midnight start....sat morning I ride home after a 2 am finish....I wear the pants with nothing under, and just a t-shirt under the jacket....coldest parts are my feet and my face. Rest of me is toasty warm. Might need a jumper under the jacket when winter truly hits....mebbe some long thermals. Mebbe. 

As mentioned, no affiliation....but knowing how ridonculous pricing is for major brand names (draggin, dririder etc), thought I'd shout this out there.


Wicked Gear - any good?

looking at getting some riding gear (jacket, pants etc) and have stumbled across a company called wicked gear.any one here heard of them or used their gear?
just trying to figure out if they are any good sa they are much cheaper than other gear (169 for a textile jacket or 299 for leather)



I can vouch for their gear. Had one of their jackets for 3 years (even got it wet in the rain plenty of times) and then crashed in it at over 100km/h. All the stitching held up and the jacket was still perfectly good to use.

All my gear was written off by insurance though, otherwise I'd still have it.


I've got two of their jackets, my wife has one or two of them as well and I bought a jacket for my father in law from them.

I've got a pair of their gloves and bought a waterproof oversuit through them. Nice people, decent products.

My two piece was cheap but by no means nasty. It's saved me a couple of times and is still going strong. First attempt was badly sized but after profuse apologies, a second pair that fit with the same measurements (ie was made properly) has been a good friend to me since.

I have had a couple of extra waistband straps added to pull it in a little tighter there, and wish there was a way of belting the pants or that they had a firm top with velcro size adjusting rather than the lameo elastic which does not a lot.

These are minor criticisms though.

I'd insist on trying two or three styles and sizes until you find something that actually fits nicely before placing an order - but once that's done, good gear at a great price.

had mine for over a year now and no complaints except i've brokenb two zips and the stud on the pants. but i think thats just me as ive broken a zip on my other jacket and also a zip on my sidi boots.

when im due for another set of leathers i will probably go to him again.


I got a leather jacket from them ages ago. Never have any problem so far. The cheaper price is probably due to they're not a world-wide brand (less margin expected, etc...).


I got a 2 peice made up by him about 18 months ago. Its been great. I use the jacket daily and add the pants when im going to a decent blast summarise....seems like its an opportunity to buy good quality from a local producer at a good price. Isn't that what we are all after????

Certainly is. Definitely paying them a visit when I'm ready to buy my next jacket.

I've crash tested the Wicked Leather stuff pretty extensively, it's cheap as chips and held up really well.

That's what I get told whenever I ask about gear in a bike shop, anyway. Personally I wear Wicked Gear stuff because it seemed to be pretty good quality for the price (although I haven't crash-tested it). $500ish got me a leather jacket, kevlars and boots. 

Received my new motorcycle jacket today - Excellent.
- perfect match to the online photo.
- fits fantastic.
- postage was fast as.